Can Budgies Eat Grapes?

Can budgies eat grapes

Budgies (or Parakeets), like most of the other parrot species, enjoy eating foods such as carrots, and we owners are usually happy to offer it to them. But because not all fruits are safe for our birds, it’s important to check whether budgies (parakeets) can eat them. So can budgies eat grapes? Let’s find the answer in this article.

Can Budgies Eat Grapes?

The answer is yes, budgies and all parakeets can eat grapes. They are healthy and safe for your parrot (in moderation, of course). In fact, budgies love this juicy and sweet-tasting food, and they can easily get addicted to it.
From a nutritional standpoint, grapes contain plenty of minerals, potassium and vitamins. However, they are high in fructose which can be harmful to your parakeets if consumed in excess. That’s why you should only feed these fruits to your parrot as an occasional treat and not as part of a regular diet.

Are grapes good for budgies?


Yes, grapes are good and safe for budgies. However, they are not meant to be part of your bird’s main diet. Grapes are full of nutritional values. So below, we’ve put together some of the nutrients found in grapes and what they can do for your parakeet.

Vitamin C:

  • It improves mental health by reducing stress.
  • It helps create antibodies. Therefore, an enhanced immune system.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin):

  • It Keeps your parakeet’s nervous system in check.
  • Its Lack cause loss of appetite, occasional seizures, and even death in severe cases.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine):

  • It helps in protein metabolism in the parakeet’s body.
  • Its lack reduces appetite, making them dull and weak.
  • Its lack can lead to stunted growth.
  • Its lack makes egg production harder.

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  • Enhances the metabolism speed of the budgies.
  • It helps strengthen their bones.
  • It reduces blood pressure.
  • It helps in retaining the body’s water.
  • Prevents strokes and other diseases such as osteoporosis and kidney stones.
  • Its lack can be quite harmful to the parakeets.

Antioxidants (such as polyphenols and carotenoids):

  • It helps prevent cancer.
  • It keeps the heart healthy.
  • It prevents atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries).

So, it’s quite obvious that grapes are very beneficial for all parakeets, including budgies.

Are Grapes Bad to Budgies?

Black grapes

No, grapes are neither bad nor poisonous to parakeets. Just make sure they don’t overeat it because they are high in fructose (natural sugars) with around 12 grams.

Fructose is fine for humans. However, it’s bad for birds because their bodies don’t produce enough of the enzymes responsible for breaking it down, which can lead to several problems ranging from upset tummies to even more serious problems such as:

Watery Stool

Grapes are watery fruits with around 84% of water. And while budgies do need water for hydration, too much of it isn’t good for them. Ideally, they should consume a high-fiber and low-water diet to keep their digestive system healthy.


Yes, birds are vulnerable to diabetes and heart diseases too. Too much fructose can cause diabetes and other diseases such as obesity and heart problems.

In addition, grapes are leading the list of the dirty dozen, which names the fruits and vegetables that rank highest in pesticide residue, which lead us to look for the proper way to feed grapes to your parakeets.

How Many Grapes Should Budgies Eat?

You can safely feed your parakeet with up to two grapes a week. This will ensure that your Budgies get everything they need without becoming a risk.

The rule of thumb to follow when it comes to feeding your bird is “80/20”. 80% of your budgies’ diet need to be from pellets, and the other 20% can be treats. This is a great way to open your bird to new flavors without risking their health.

How to Feed Grapes to your Budgies?

Rinse them very well

Remember always to rinse the grapes well. Grapes have a wax-like outer covering onto which the pesticides and mildly toxic fertilizers attach, and budgies, just like us, are vulnerable to diseases, so it’s important to follow the same safety rules before feeding grapes to the parakeets.

To wash them properly, immerse the grapes in a food wash solution and gently scrub or rub them or rub them to ensure they are safe for eating.

If you do not have a food wash solution, you can make one vinegar or baking soda added water.  

Cut them smaller 

Budgies find it hard to handle oversized foods like grapes, and If you cut them into small pieces before feeding them, they would appreciate it.

Do Budgies Like Grapes?

Yes, they do like them so much, and you can clearly see that in the video below.

Conclusion: Can budgies eat grapes?

Yes, they can but in moderation (once or twice a week).

Grapes are delicious, healthy and can help you better bond with your feathered pets.

Even preparing them for your parakeets is not a complicated task.

If you have any additional questions relating to this article or just for me in general, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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